Flow new hot artist seeking some one with more knowledge about the music industry

Born and raised in Astoria houses located in Queens N.Y., Raised by a single parent mother. "FLOW" has always had a true passion for hip hop. Ever since he was a youth. He could hear the sounds coming from his brothers boom box. Now at the age of twenty six he can look back to when he was fifteen and first began writing and recording and really found his love for music. The only thing that took his mind off the trials and tribulations of life was his music. Flow was inspired by many MC's like Nas, Mobb Deep, Super lover C and Casanova Rud, C.N.N. (Capone and Noreaga), Offcourse the holmie Jada Kiss and many more. Flow has featured on numerous DJ's Mix tapes. Such as DJ Doo Wop, DJ Nat King, DJ Famous,DJ Red Child Etc...

He and his street team (Spit Inc.) Self promote at various night clubs by showcasing a few of the many songs they have to offer. Flow is dedicated to creative music that can reach a wide range of listeners. Whether your in the streets, the club or just laying back. He has something you can feel.