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Michael Jackson Tribute Competition

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Boomdizzle would like to recognize the legend, Michael Jackson, by asking our community to create videos and tracks in tribute to The King of Pop.

LL himself has created a personal tribute to Michael. He hopes to inspire you to step up and recognize The King.

Check LL's track out here:

LL COOL J's tribute to Michael Jackson
"Billie Jean Dream-Written by Michael Jackson"

(Check it out for free--and register if you want to download the track.)

Let your creativity and your love for MJ's work bring the world a fantastic and new audio/video experience. The possibilities are endless:

  • * Create a remix of a classic MJ track
  • * Create an MJ tribute photo montage set to music
  • * Create your own video set to an MJ song
  • * Compose an original track about the King and what he meant to you
The possibilities are only limited by your talent and imagination.

We'll be selecting winners in two categories:

  1. Best original music track/ music video.
  2. Best video set to LL's "Billie Jean Dream-Written by Michael Jackson" track.
We'll also be posting selected MJ-themed photos, and though they won't be a part of the contest, they'll add to the spirit of this tribute competition. So feel free to upload your favorite photos as well.

The finalists and winners will be selected by some combination of fan voting and the opinions of our panel of hip hop superstar celebrity judges. The selected winner(s) will be interviewed for a front page Boomdizzle promotion.


How do I enter the Michael Jackson Tribute Contest?

1) Create your profile on Boomdizzle by clicking Register. Be sure to enter a valid email and cell phone number so we can contact you if you are a finalist. Proper cell phone number format is ########## (no symbols)

a. If you already have a profile, skip this step.

2) Upload any tracks or videos that you would like to enter the competition. There is no limit to tracks. When you upload the track or video, include "MJ" in the "tags".

What do I get if I win?

1) The winners of the contest will "B Famous" -- promoted by Boomdizzle via one or more of the following methods: front page promotions, press releases, email blasts, blogs.

How will the MJ Tribute Contest Winners be chosen?

1) The MJ Tribute Contest finalists will be chosen among the highest ranking and most voted upon tracks and artists. The Boomdizzle system ranks tracks based on a combination of number of spins, crown rating, Boomdizzle referrals, and Boomdizzle Radio spins on other pages.

2) The MJ Tribute Contest finalists will be chosen based on artistic/musical talent and popular appeal.

Who will choose the MJ Tribute Contest winners?

1) The MJ Tribute Contest finalists will be chosen by the Boomdizzle community as well as our panel including LL Cool J, DJ Cut Creator, Marley Marl, and the Boomdizzle and Violator Management teams. The winners will be chosen by our panel.

How can I get more spins and votes to help me win?

1) Many of the finalists will be chosen among the top vote getters, so ask your friends and fans to register and vote for you.

2) You can embed your tracks on your Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Youtube pages using the embed code. Go to the track page and click "Share & Download" to get the embed code.

3) You can email links of your tracks to your friends using the "Share & Download" button on your track performance page. You must be logged in to use this feature.

4) You can embed the Boomdizzle Radio on your Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Youtube pages. Press on the "embed" button on the Boomdizzle Radio in the upper right hand corner. Extra consideration will be given to artists that embed the Boomdizzle Radio on their social networking pages.

5) Promote your tracks and the competition on the Boomdizzle Forums (the "House" in the footer)

6) Promote your tracks and the competition on your Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and Youtube blogs with embedded videos and links to your tracks to drive more votes

7) You can upload videos to your profile from your cellphone to show you can "live the life" by sending videos via MMS to . Submissions must be sent from your registered cellphone number. Make sure you have the proper cellphone number and format in your profile. Proper cellphone format is ########## (no symbols).

Who can I contact with questions or issues?

1) Please send any questions or issues to

Copyright 2011 Boomdizzle Networks Inc. All rights reserved.