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LL Cool J's Fitness Guide Drops April 26th, 2010
Learn total fitness and the attitude that makes it possible

LL Cool J has built himself more than tremendous shoulders, oak-tree
arms, and a deadly six-pack. A Grammy Award-winning rapper, star
of a hit TV show, entrepreneur, and loving husband and father of four
children, he's shown that, in his own words,

Now, he has put together a complete plan for you to get the muscle-
landscaped body ... lose all the fat hiding your hard parts ... develop
a grit and determination to succeed -- at anything -- stay loose and
and positive, even when you seem to fail ... and ride your passion to
get you in the position you're aiming for.

His new book is called LL Cool J's Platinum 360 Diet and Lifestyle, and
as LL says, it shows you how to develop THE TOTAL PACKAGE -- the
360 degrees of life that encompass greatness of body, mind, and attitude.

Order Today!
Drops at the following bookstores

Barnes & Noble


Book Signing
Get your Platinum360 book signed by LL Cool J

Come see LLCOOLJ and get your Platinum360 book signed!

Sunday, September 19th at 12 noon

7812 Girard Ave.
La Jolla, CA

You could win!

May 20th through June 1st - ReDizzle a trax or create an original at 125+ bpm, and win an autographed copy of LLCOOLJ's new fitness book. Check out for more info.

April 26th through May 17th - Buy Platinum360, Register for BoomDizzle, and get a chance to win a signed copy of LLCOOLJ's new fitness book

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