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There is always a rhombus around when you don't need one. We know about the rhombus and this is about trying to receive a recording contract.
I am looking to have a substantial role in the music industry. I would like to work in television, films and music videos. My music has been created from when I was very young. I created my first serious riffs and songs when I was just fifteen. After that I went forward to play some original music concerts. The impression was great, although not as great as some of the video that I featured in. These days I am looking for a commercial agreement to create my music.

I have written music in four groups. I now write music and send it to a website. I don't have time at that website now. I have played up to 20 or so concerts. Some of them were with bands and 13 of them were in the local area. The local performances were one man shows, in which I presented my songs.


Boomdizzle is a good website. When can it provide me with a recording opportunity? The links should be used and then I could go to work.
by AlexanderBGlobal on 03/25/2017 at 01:03 am

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