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Rap group formed in 2003 put on hold until my boy Billz got out the pin just recently. The group Young Money Bosses consists of K Stud, Billz, and Lil Bossy. K Stud 20, Lil Bossy is 21, and Billz is 22. Lil Bossy is my sister, and Billz been my boy for 10 years. We been hittin the studio up for the past two years getting the demo together. Our managers are my mother, father, and uncle. We also have our personal photographer we have been workin with helpin the group get the mixtape cover ready. We out on the grind every weekend promotin the mixtape tryin to get it heard. Meanwhile we gettin our album ready..


What's good! Need Beats? Make your music stand out with the original sound of Mozart Jones Productions. I use his beats exclusively. The shit is FIRE!! Don't sleep on this. You will love what you hear! Get at him!
by LADY LYRIC on 06/16/2013 at 04:37 pm

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