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Look Out kid
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There are many rappers in LA to claim they are on the top but many of them do not have the career to back it up. This Alaskan emcee however has proven his stripes. With ventures into other rap groups such as the AK49rz,Team Legit and a private group Infantum. accompanied with countless unrecorded on stage performances at the Swag Rap Club,East Anchorage High School,West Anchorage High School, Wendler Middle School and dozens of private parties. known for representing 1907 west coast he is seperated from other LA emcees due to his Quick lyric delivery witty puns story telling and the ability to create complex flows without music. having never lost a rap battle since 2009 he is a avid freestyler and often practices. He is know for his un-publicized works including Not wasting this,Kotu and untouchable. while he may not be the best known emcee or the most publicized rapper he is well established in his own element.


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