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Swamp Duck
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UK-based Swamp Duck are currently on paternity leave while bassist Snave Dave introduces his second little duckling into the brood.

The band has produced two CDs – The debut album Quack of Dawn was recorded in 2008. Early copies of the CD were coloured in by the band members during gig intervals. The tracks are now professionally mastered and duplicated and are available to listen to and purchase from our website

Our new album Quacking Up contains the track Duckin’ Out of Christmas. The album was engineered by Snave Dave at Palm Tree studios on a huge variety of equipment which he is always happy to discuss in detail but to me look like a selection of slightly different microphones plugged into a multitude of boxes.

Hank Weedon - lead guitar
Kent Quake - vocals and rhythm guitar
Snave Dave - bass guitar
Doobie Ware and Trev the Rug – drums (job share)


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