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New York
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“I never could have predicted that I’d still be rocking the mic more than two decades after my debut, but here I am,” LL Cool J says with a smile.

Here he is indeed. Nearly 25 years since he first burst onto the scene, LL Cool J continues his vibrant, trailblazing career with the release of EXIT 13, his appropriately titled 13th album for the only label he has called home - Def Jam Recordings.

EXIT 13 is a study in contrast and showcases LL Cool J’s duality. “Depending on my mood, I can be aggressive, explosive and in-your-face, or alternately suave, smooth and sensual. It’s no secret that I like making love songs as much as I like to lay down rhymes,” commented LL. With a career chock full of both and a new album packed with collaborators as diverse as 50 Cent, Wyclef Jean, Richie Sambora and The Dream, and producers such as Suits, DJ Scratch, Ilfonics and Raw Uncut, EXIT 13 is the album LL Cool J fans have been clamoring for – full of passion, braggadocio and smooth rhymes. “When it came time for me to go into the studio, I tried to make this project as relevant as my first, and having that sense of my career coming full circle. Believe me, it was a blessing to be able to go back into the studio and create this album.”

Joining forces with 50 Cent on a track called “Heartbeat,” the two Queens natives rap over a stripped down track, while sounding like they are having a good time. “It’s a song about role playing,” says LL of “Heartbeat.” On the tracks “Rocking With The Goat,” LL taps into his native New Yorker persona, and teams with labelmates The Dream on EXIT 13’s first single “Baby.” The track, which recently debuted on the Billboard charts, marks LL’s 42nd career chart debut.

What began for LL Cool J in the nascent, burgeoning rap and hip hop scene of the 80’s, has now seeped throughout the musical and cultural phenomenon that is today’s hip hop. All the while, LL Cool J has remained a musical and cultural force, a living icon and a significant, relevant artist still churning out the hits. First introduced to the world in 1984 as a Def Jam Records flagship artist, LL is the first rap artist to amass ten consecutive platinum-plus selling albums, while 2004’s “THE DEFinition” and 2006’s “Todd Smith” both went Gold. He is currently tied for third place for most Billboard chart debuts by a rapper.

As an entertainer, he has succeeded in crossing into multiple mediums. Already a talented actor, author, recording artist, two-time Grammy Award winner and NAACP Image Award winner, LL continues to display his wide range of talents in his projects.

by King LaMitis on 10/07/2018 at 07:58 am

yo i cant remember the email i used to created this shit way...WAYYYY back in the day....if u look @ that face and then look @ mine NOW... its still me... Mitis
by King LaMitis on 10/07/2018 at 07:57 am

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by gumbslw on 05/02/2018 at 09:07 am

Hello LL. Does LL stand for Leonard Leonard? Just wondering. LL, I am really glad that you are my friend at Boomdizzle, with so many Uguers around! Things are getting terrible here, with bills to pay, loser celebrities unable to do things and sappy responses. Never mind torn ankles. This is awful. I have written to a record label called Hipgnosis music limited. I sent a paper letter and e,mails. The label has not responded and said we will pass this time. Are these baseball caps going backwards or what? All I need is the cap that old "Ear of Corn" Jagger promised. Let's work, as Sir Mick said. Congratulations on your Kennedy Centre Award. The good days must be approaching. But what can I do to get the label to invite me in? I am called out. I need to be in. Is there anything that you can work for us, looking to the East as you do? What Hull do I need to start working in music? I know that you are well connected and that the Korean Olympics helped. Please let me know how to go forward. There is Merck Mercuriadis, Rosa Mercuriadis and Gergeo Afram sitting there in Southgate, London (same name as Cypress Hill's neighbourhood apparently,) unable to answer my question appropriately. How can the leper of this issue be dissolved? Please let me know how I can get this record contract, El. This is beyond ridiculous, as Tim Westwood has said. In terms of sound effects, I have much that I need to do and change. Robert Smith from The Cure can't do anything to help me, although he is the descendent of my enslaved Irish ancestor. Back in history with me, it was probably that family that shouted "let him have it Chris" and tried to make up for voyaging away with the Irish. Have you seen the film? Please try to help me as an artist. This is beyond funny now. Chukot Range in Siberia is more welcoming at the moment. Once again, please let me know if you can help with this artist work that I do, because I'm not the type of guy who can make it happen on my own. I can order a beer at a snooker table, but I cannot get my own recordings. I need to have a company to employ me. I hope to get your ideas through the network. Oprah Winfrey has been able to achieve nothing to help me so far and so I guess it is up to you, weirdly enough. I don't like that this is public information, but I need to get used to it, because the labels, the police (they must be linked to the label, due to their inadequate, nonsense, written replies. They won't employ me unless a miracle of music happens that they don't know and that certainly is a complaint, which cannot go until I receive the recording artist task,) and everyone else refuses to employ me as an artist. It must be up to you to Rock The Bells and get this cast off they have made, to be employed by a music label, because I went to an Anglo American school and your American powers are clear to understand. I checked Eric B and Rakim, Chuck D, you name it. Is there a chance that you can change these embarrassing fortunes for me? I have read "Remains of the Day" by Katsuhiro Ishiguro and "The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly," by Sun-Mi Hwang. I like reading. But this is an appeal for music. The embers are hot at The White House and there is not any financial support here. Is it not simply about that time when the music industry acts like a real employer and employs me? Can someone be a man about this, not fight and just get me the work? I wait for good, more appropriate and helpful ideas for me through the communication network. Communism it is not and it is down to someone who I don't know too well to sort this. I'm very hairy here and really starting to feel too much hassle again, because I need the music work. I know that I can record my amazing mushroom, "Haribo mayonnaise," songs in the studio. I just think that Sony could do extra work to lift a finger to work with me. All of the labels could. What do you say? Is anyone going to help me out of this revolting mess? With DJ's. to get a turntablist to spin the decks, they often have some bias in their lives. I don't know if I can use a turntablist unless the bias is in my favour. Let me know if you can help me to put out the songs. Look at Henry Rollins. This wonderful person has travelled to remote places. He has involved himself at American and international debate at every hour of opportunity. There are equals. I would like some sort of valediction for what I am doing in music. It would be valediction or farewell to unemployment and "hello" to a brilliant record contract. That is what I need. I can leave the rest to other people. Please let me know if you can get any label to help me with this, or just Hipgnosis music limited. No translation company can earn the multi platinum status that my music can earn. It is high quality music of course. I watched Adrian Utley, the electric guitar player of Portishead, speak the other day. I would work with such a band if I could. But it is like people are deliberately not understanding what I am trying to do here. I am trying to record my music; some of it rock, some of it Sisters of Mercy style musing; some of it hip hop and jazz. Someone has to find a way to balance my German degree vibes and my music, because everybody else in the world has put my music in the "do not talk about this," area. I am clearly being censored. Can anything cancel that? I'm looking forward to better days with a record contract. The way it is now is not right. Look at "Radio PWEI," or check it out, by PWEI. Your music is sampled in that track with the nice line, "I can't live without my radio." Then the dream goes, "OK everybody with high-tech gurus, all the rage, always on the front page news." There must be a way for you to help me find this work. I have just demonstrated my understanding of music. This I have, but the business contacts, the cash advances, the ways to the studio etc are beyond me and that is not how it is meant to look. Someone has to be a decent G-Ramps and get me to work as a recording artist. All we need to do is remove our sunglasses and start recording my songs. Yours sincerely, Alexander James Godman.
by AlexanderBGlobal on 02/28/2018 at 08:04 am

I have got some outstanding new tracks. Could you enforce for a music company to employ me, please? I am looking to be a recording artist. I'm actually serious about that. The problem is that I have not found the record company or music label yet that can finance the process for me to go into the studio and record a great album. I don't let microphones from my clutches. I am looking to make good albums. The staff are all-important at a record label. If they want to see the prosperity and the good-news stories, they can work until they happen. People talk of people in the music industry who are highly influential. You are one of those people! Most of the time, you, LL, are considered to be the most influential person in the music industry. Could you make sure that a music or record label employs me? It is all an unknown area to me. Yet if it could happen, there would only be happiness. Without going into the sensibility of it all, I hope that you can help me. Some of my favourite artists are The Beatles. I can't stop that! Please help me out. Bud to bud and friend to friend. And I send you the greetings of the season. I will soon place paper around some gifts. It is what this time of year means to many of us. Yet please consider the music company side of life and see if there is a way around my lack of schooling in the area. I could not study music at higher education level due to a poor, limping disability and others. I waited for many years to work in music. If you could have a small word with someone to help me to be a music professional, that would be very appreciated and honestly, I would express sincere gratitude to you. I would not let other friends' beers foam up. I would be tee-total and complete. I would not need to sit on friends' beds and speak with them in other languages. I would be good. I would take my "Boddhisattva Vow," pass the Buddhist "Dharma," and be very nice. I hope that I could meet with you one day in the future! We could have topics to talk about. Until that great day, I hope that you could help, musician to musician. I hope that someone can understand that waiting creates confidence in some way, because with waiting, a person truly learns to back their real needs. Thank you for reading and again, thanks. I am looking for a great team of music people to work with.
by AlexanderBGlobal on 12/23/2017 at 04:30 pm

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